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The Crystal Healing Soap Set includes our four Crystal Soaps, made with good intentions, and topped with a paired crystal. Handmade with essential oils and all natural ingredients. Perfect for your crystal obsessed friends and witches, or to treat yourself to some positive intentions and cleansing aromatherapy. These soaps have ingredients ranging from sea salt, to green tea, and star anise. 

Contains the following soaps:

Amethyst Bar: Promotes Healing and Increases Natural Intuition. Our Stout Bar, topped with a piece of amethyst. Activated Charcoal, Star Anise, and Lavender. 

Citrine Bar:  For Positivity and Abundance. Our Tea Bar, topped with a piece of Citrine. Green Tea, Turmeric, and Lemon Grass. 

Moonstone Bar: For Renewal and Harmony. Our Spa Bar, topped with a piece of Moonstone. Sea Salt, Rosemary, and Lemongrass.

Rose Quartz Bar: Attracts love and Promotes Healing! Our Hippie Bar, topped with a piece of Rose Quartz. Patchouli, Madder Root, and Coconut Milk.


* All of our square bars have a base of: | saponified olive oil | coconut oil | castor oils | shea butter | cocoa butter |  essential oils |

*may also contain: | coconut milk | goats milk | honey | 

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