About Us

We believe in the power of plants and flowers.
All Granola Girl Skincare products are handmade in our apothecary with the best stuff we can find. We make everything with intention in small batches. Granola Girl strives for reduced waste and sustainability in all our practices. 


Granola Girl Skincare is crafted at the interactive soap lab in our sister store Conspire: Contemporary Craft in downtown Greencastle, Indiana. It's a place of wellness and healing. Conspire represents 130+ local and regional artists, and provides a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Granola Girl is popping up at the coolest handmade festivals and markets in the Midwest. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

The Granola Girl Team

J.D. Grove 


Owner/operator of Granola Girl Skincare and Star Seeds Day Shelter.

J.D. is a lifelong herbalist and plant person, and has been making soap and skincare with things from their garden since 2010. J.D. is also the owner of @conspireindiana and a working activist.

Maggie Rozen
Overseeing Manager @ Conspire Indiana and Granola Girl Skincare
Maggie is also a local bad ass, and biology freak. Maggie is our resident Trash Witch and makes sure that our practices are sustainable, right down to weaving plastic packaging into reusable bags.


Fiona White


Master Soap and Skincare Artisan

Fiona is the artisan who makes many of the products at Granola Girl. They are also an accomplished potter and maker of things. You can find their work at @ByFionawithFire. 


Ella, artisan maker and herbalist.

Ella Dye Thomas


Shop Assistant and Herbalist.

Ella is a talented plant person and visual artist, with an interest in midwifery and a life long love and practice in herbalism. Ella was instrumental in creating our herbal tea blends, and curates our herbs. They also are an artisan maker of many Granola Girl products. Ella is part of the art collective @usfolks.

Dance-a-lot and Reda
Shop Cats
These sister cats live at Conspire and make our lives more meaningful.